Do You Have Antique Cards? Five Reasons Why You Should Have Them Appraised

Rare basketball cards

How long have you been sitting on your antique cards? Have you thought about getting them appraised but have never taken the time to do it?

Here are a few reasons why getting your antique baseball cards appraised is something you should strongly consider.

1. They Could Be Worth Way More Than You Think

You probably think you have a ballpark idea of what your cards are worth. After all, general card values can be found online with a few simple searches. But are you really comparing apples to apples when it comes to your cards?

A professional appraiser will look at each of your cards individually and give you a true value. There’s no substituting for a trained eye when it comes to antique card values.

You might walk out knowing that your cards hold more value than you’ve ever dreamed.

2. They Could Be Worth Way Less Than You Think

Conversely, your cards might be worth substantially less than what you’ve found online. Wear and tear on antique cards drastically diminishes their value. When a serious collector is looking for that 1961 Mickey Mantle card, he’s most likely going to buy the one that’s in the most pristine shape. That gives that individual card a higher value.

If yours has rounded corners or printing defects, it could only be worth 10% of what the online guides tell you.

Only an appraiser can tell you for sure.

3. You Might Want to Insure Them

If you were to find out that you were sitting on a $50,000 mountain of antique cards, wouldn’t you want to insure them in case of damage or theft?

Without knowing the actual appraised value of your cards, it’s impossible to know if you need to insure them — or for how much they need to be insured for.

4. You Don’t Want to Get Ripped Off If You Sell Them

Without knowing the actual appraised value of your cards, an expert collector could easily low-ball you and get your cards for a steal.

Sharks exist in almost any type of business. Card buying and selling is definitely one that has people looking to take advantage of the uneducated seller.

5. An Appraiser May Make a Purchase Offer

Card appraisers are often collectors themselves. When you take your cards in to get appraised, you may end up walking out with an unexpected check.

Before leaving the appraiser’s office, always ask if they’d be interested in making a purchase (if you’re looking to sell).

Get Your Antique Cards Appraised

You have nothing to lose by getting an appraisal done on your cards. In fact, you have a lot to gain.

Set up an appointment with a qualified appraiser and find out what kind of small fortune you may be sitting on.

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