Do Those Old Bubblegum Cards Have Any Value?

collectible football cards

Many of us have spent years collecting something that is near and dear to us in hopes of passing on financial benefits to children or grandchildren. Unfortunately, the value isn’t always there. Your old bubblegum cards are an excellent example.

You might be looking at a collection of old baseball cards dating as far back as the 1950s. You wonder if the whole collection has any financial value. More importantly, you wonder if you have one or two cards that could be worth thousands of dollars. There is no way to know without having them evaluated by an expert.

What Collectors Want

Any monetary value your bubblegum cards possess is in direct proportion to collector demand. Understand that collectors are very specific in what they want. They value sports cards according to:

  • Sport
  • Player
  • Age and condition

Collectors also know the difference between cards that come directly from hobbyists and those that have been evaluated by a reputable grading company. Getting the most for your cards requires a proper evaluation and grading. Even at that, there is no guarantee that any one card will be worth a lot.

Demand Is a Factor

Another thing to consider is that demand is always a factor among sports card collectors. Baseball cards printed in the 1980s and 90s are not worth so much because they were released in such high volumes.

The other side of that coin are those cards published prior to the mid-1970s. Such cards are more valuable because they are harder to find. According to Kiplinger, a near mint Mickey Mantle card from 1952 sold for more than $89,000 in 2016. It commanded such a high price because of its age, condition and Mantle’s reputation.

Passing on Your Appreciation

We advise sports card collectors looking to pass their collections on to family members to focus less on monetary value and more on appreciating the collection for its own merits. The thing about collectibles is that prices rise and fall in unpredictable cycles. Getting hung up on monetary value can spoil the joy of collecting.

Who knows exactly how much your old bubblegum cards are worth? Go ahead and have them evaluated and graded by a professional. Just understand that any value offered will probably not remain constant over time. Some of your cards might become more valuable while others lose value. In the end, it’s really not about the money. It is about collecting something that is near and dear to you.

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