Are Different Brands of Cards More Valuable than Others?

sports card multi cards

Every hobby requires you to put some investment into the thing you enjoy most. Whether it be traveling, stamp collecting or knitting, everyone spends money. Sports card collections are one of the most lucrative and expensive hobbies, however.

Individuals spend money on boxes of sports cards in order to find the most valuable. Value on a sports card has to do with age of the sports card, edition of the card and the player on the card. It is important to note also, that valuable sports cards can be worth more depending on their brand. Here are the top three most valuable brands of sports cards for various sports.

1. Bowman Chrome Baseball
Bowman Chrome Baseball is the third most valuable brand of sports card. Many of the cards in these packs offer limited editions of cards including autographed cards and gold parallel cards. The profitability of these cards can soar very quickly.

Individuals have found cards in packs of Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards worth upwards of $500. There is a consistent chance to receive a valuable card in a pack bought from this brand, whether $20 in value or hundreds of dollars in value. Bowman Chrome is one of the most consistent brands that values patience and motivation.

2. Select Soccer
Select Soccer is a relatively new brand of sports cards that was just released in 2015. Other high quality and high brand soccer cards have also been released since, but Select Soccer remains the best. It offers a high chance of pulling out a valuable card such as a gold refractor card or autographed card, with many being once in a lifetime opportunities.

The cards of the Select Soccer brand are very valuable for trading. There are also parallel cards available in most boxes. There is a chance, however, that the value could depreciate with so many parallel cards in existence. Soccer is becoming a great sport for sports cards collections with the introduction of the Select Soccer brand.

3. SP Game Used Golf
SP Game Used Golf has the most valuable cards across a consistent basis. There are rare cards with initials of golf players, autographed cards and parallel cards. The cards have some of the most valuable players of all time on them including Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

The boxes of SP Game Used Golf cards are expensive but are well worth the price. Each pack will contain two autograph cards. The material of the cards is often rare material, including the gloves the player used. There are cards worth hundreds of dollars, but these are rare. Every card offers something new to a sports card collection, offering more appeal overall.

Collecting sports cards can be an expensive hobby. Thankfully, often times, the expenses pay off in the long run with finding cards that are worth hundreds of dollars. By choosing the right brand of sports cards, you will be able to find the best cards for your collection and for your selling purposes.

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