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We have been collecting for more than 30 years and always dreamed of owning all the best cards and wished to have the finest collection!  We want to make it possible for other people to be able to live their dreams by owning “high end” sports cards that can still fit into their budget.

We have been true collectors in the hobby and know what cards to obtain that will continue to rise in value.  When I was kid, we collected cards for the hobby.  Now with the expanded sports card hobby becoming more known as a tangible investment class, like fine art and coins, sports cards are becoming more and more expensive and much harder to be able to afford.  We here at SportsCardFinance.com have it all covered, making it easy to afford the most expensive and desirable cards that everyone is approved for with weekly and monthly payments and you will still be able to make your regular purchases that you were used to making.

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You will be able to purchase a rare hard to find “HIGH END” graded card in the hobby and fit it into your budget.  The payment will be low enough that you will still be able to make other purchases while purchasing a high-end card.

We too have obtained some of our most valuable pieces through financing options and now want to make it available to you.  It is as simple as clicking buy it now!!  Add your favorite card to the cart and click subscribe to our payment plan, you will then agree to our terms of service and you will make your first payment of your subscribed plan/contract.  You will be on your way to owning your dream card that you would have never imagined having been able to afford otherwise.  Everyone is approved!!

Happy Collecting and Happy Investing!!!

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