A Brief Rundown of Other Sports That Have Collectible Cards

Collecting sports cards has been a pastime that has outlived the test of time. Collectors from all over the world have shared their common interests, trading habits, and other forms of exchange to ensure the fluidity of the marketplace. Collectible sports cards boil down to a few specific categories of interest. The flagship product remains baseball cards. Baseball cards have been around since the early 1900s with the earliest inserts becoming part of tobacco packaging. Since the inception of baseball cards, the evolution strategies have shifted to meet the needs of the marketplace. Exclusive cards that showcase lower print runs, include a piece of player-worn material, or include a player’s autograph have become the standard for the sporting card world.

The idea that baseball paved the way for the modern sports marketplace helped to spell other sports and their involvement terms. Football and basketball cards would follow-up the baseball behavior, with hockey not too far behind the development curve. Placing interest in additional sports is something that card collectors have helped to bring full-circle. The modern card collecting environment is derived from vintage collectors that stick to older product releases and the combination of younger collectors who are seeking the next-big-thing from any of the sporting markets. The developments that have shaped card collecting into the massive following and intrigue that it holds today is due to the different levels of participation.

Deriving a majority of sales and trades comes from the mentioned big 4 sports: The MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. Breaking into new territories is something that sports card companies have succeeded with. Going beyond the big 4 sports, we see succession ratings in the field of the WWE, all soccer leagues, and Olympic sets.

The WWE first started card production in the 1970s. Some of the first cards released in this capacity hold major levels of collectible value and intrinsic value. The earliest wrestling cards go for big bucks when carried in pristine conditions. Some of the later releases were saved for the world of soccer. With the success of the World Cup and other international contests, soccer cards have flourished on a national level. The same story can be depicted for Olympic hopeful releases. Centering the attention around all levels of sport is something that brings collectors closer to athletes that might not have the biggest contract terms or the largest bankrolls. Exploring the different categories of sport has allowed for new collecting terms that will take us into the future of card collecting and trading.

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